Texas Youth Ranch Rodeo Association


Lisa Brantner

Brittney Hall

Eric Scott

Bryan Reaves

​Melanie Brown

James Dunn

Donnie Mordecai

Jerry Don McLeod

Jaymi Longron

Jamie Dunn

Robert Taylor

Troy Morris

Zack Newman

Jason Rains

Candace Rains

TJ Foley

Justin Jones

Alisha Baize

Kodi Burdette

Mark Boyd

Lara Boyd

Laura Goolsby

Tommy Rodell

Curtis Steger

Bo Williams

Kim Massey



​This committee was designed to offer guidance and support to all its members proving equal opportunities to all. To, also, impose the rules and regulations fo the official rule book. The board is democratically elected by the voting members of TYRRA.​

List of Directors:


Bubba Brown 903-388-2755

Vice President: 

TJ Foley 903-391-2771

Rodeo Treasurer:

 Jaymi Longron

Rodeo Secretary:

Debra Foley
Association Secretary:

Alicia Nash
Arena Director: 

Chad Ezzell
Stan McDonald

Stock Director:

Trampas Rodell